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Transport Emissions Assessment & Consultancy

Emissions from road traffic are the most significant reason for the declaration of Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) by local authorities across the UK. This is usually due to housing being located close to roads in many urban areas. For this reason, air quality issues can be a material consideration during the planning process. It is therefore often a requirement of the local planning authority that an air quality assessment should be undertaken for any development that proposes to either introduce sensitive receptors or to generate traffic to areas where air quality is a concern.

There are a variety of assessment tools that Phlorum Limited use to assess the impacts on and sensitivities to various development proposals. These include screening tools developed from empirical relationships between traffic volume and distance of sensitive receptors from busy roads (e.g. the Highways Agency’s DMRB model), to more complex computational dispersion models requiring detailed meteorological data as an input (e.g. Breeze Roads and ADMS Roads).

Typical projects that Phlorum Limited has provided air quality assessments for include:

  • comparisons of proposed road scheme routes;
  • residential developments;
  • large mixed-use schemes;
  • large commercial buildings;
  • industrial estates;
  • warehouses and distribution depots;
  • retail developments; and
  • bus depots.

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