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Contaminated Land Assessment & Remediation

Phlorum has extensive experience in providing contamination assessments for projects, primarily in support of planning applications. Due to the increasing number of brown field developments and risks associated with purchasing land, an increasing number of contamination surveys are being required by the regulatory bodies.

The range of services that Phlorum can undertake include:

  • Consultations;
  • Phase 1 desk studies (including site walkover);
  • Due diligence studies;
  • Auditing prior to sale, purchase or lease;
  • Site investigation design;
  • Phase 2 intrusive site investigation;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Remediation design;
  • Supervision of remediation;
  • Ongoing monitoring & sampling; and
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC)

Phlorum is able to assist with each stage of an assessment. This includes the initial desk based assessments, which will involve a review of historic data and public records of the site, together with a site walkover and assessment of the actual site conditions.

Then if deemed necessary Phlorum can undertake a site investigation, involving sampling and associated analysis, which is then used to carry out a risk assessment of the site in relation to its end use and the development of the conceptual model for the site. Then if contamination is confirmed, Phlorum staff are skilled and experienced in supervising the remediation and/or monitoring of the site.

At each stage the scope of works is confirmed and agreed with the appropriate authority before the works commence.

Due to the size of data involved in producing these reports, we will always aim to provide reports electronically. However, where it is essential, hard copies will be provided.

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