Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal Contractors

If you suspect that you have a Japanese knotweed infestation on a commercial property or development site, then there are legal and financial issues that you need to be aware of.

Early action to treat Japanese knotweed by an experienced specialist in commercial Japanese knotweed control on building sites and commercial premises is essential if you are to avoid excessive remediation costs, potential prosecution, claims for compensation and/or structural damage to buildings and services.

If Japanese knotweed identification occurs early in a construction project it allows a wider range of knotweed treatment options to be considered in order to eradicate it. Additionally, if knotweed is identified at the due diligence stage of a property transaction, it can allow substantial price reductions to be agreed through negotiations to offset remediation costs or by accounting for any diminution in value caused by the knotweed’s presence.

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Legal Issues of Japanese Knotweed on Commercial Sites

There is a range of laws and other  legal issues surrounding Japanese knotweed that attempt to regulate its growth in the UK. If you are found to be responsible for spreading Japanese knotweed you could be prosecuted, fined or the subject of litigation. The penalties for this could be a criminal conviction, a substantial fine or much larger damages costs.

Phlorum has extensive experience in providing expert legal advice and services in legal cases involving Japanese knotweed. We have provided expert witness services for the courts, the Lands Tribunal and for numerous Public Inquiries.

No other knotweed contractor can match our skills, qualifications or experience in dealing with complex knotweed cases. If legal risks are a concern then it is essential that you have an experienced expert to fight your corner.

We have a wealth of experience to rely on, having undertaken the eradication of knotweed on building sites and commercial sites. Our knotweed eradication services cover the whole of the UK and Ireland, including Greater and Central London.

Financial Implications of Japanese Knotweed on Construction Sites

Commercial Japanese knotweed eradication can be costly, especially when a development programme requires an immediate and complete knotweed solution on a construction site. As you would expect, if knotweed is not dealt with at the planning stage, it can lead to significant delays and associated costs, in addition to unbudgeted knotweed remediation works, if discovered later on during the construction process.

It is also very important that the requirements of lenders, who might invest in new developments or issue mortgages to future occupiers have their exposure to knotweed risks effectively managed. To this end, most lenders will require an insurance backed guarantee to be put in place and the knotweed removal works to be undertaken by a professional and suitably qualified firm.

Why Choose Phlorum for Commercial Japanese Knotweed removal?

Phlorum is your fully-guaranteed solution for commercial Japanese knotweed removal. We are founding members of the Property Care Association Invasive Weed Control Group and the working group that provided guidance for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors on surveying Japanese knotweed and assessing its risk to property.

Giving you complete peace of mind, all of our work is guaranteed for at least 10 years by an industry-leading insurance backed guarantee package.

We are also very happy to offer other forms of guarantee such as NEC or CIC collateral warranties.

If you are tempted to use a company without such credentials you could be opening yourself to a host of issues, including litigation, that could cost you many thousands of pounds.