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Energy Statements For Planning

Many Local Authorities now require submission of an energy statement with a planning application, outlining how the development has minimised energy consumption and carbon emissions. Often a target is set. Typical targets for dwellings include a 25% (formerly Code for Sustainable Homes level 3) or 44% (formerly Code 4) reduction in energy demand over the same dwelling built to 2006 Building Regulations. New energy targets are likely to be set to against the forthcoming National Technical Standards.

Phlorum are experts in sustainable design, and will work with you in minimising energy consumption across a range of different building types.

Once energy consumption has been reduced through passive means, such as building layout, natural ventilation, solar shading, high levels of insulation and intelligent material specification, attention can be turned to on-site renewable energy generation. Phlorum will assess the energy consumption and suggest the most appropriate form of microgeneration after investigation into all that may be suitable. We will outline reason why the method is best, including information on the size, cost, efficiency and reliability of the system.

In addition, using our in-house Life-Cycle Carbon Footprinting model developed with the University of Brighton, we can estimate the embodied carbon of a development and show how it has been minimised. This is a service that is unique to Phlorum.

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