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Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost

Once it has established itself, eradicating Japanese knotweed is particularly challenging, and unless you hire contractors experienced in Japanese knotweed removal, it can be an arduous task that can take years to complete and expose you to costly repercussions from the various pieces of Japanese knotweed legislation.

How Much Does Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost?

Attempt to remove knotweed yourself at your peril! Rightly or wrongly, Japanese knotweed causes significant blight to property, which can result in huge diminution in property values (typically of 5% to 20%) if removal works are not supported by appropriate guarantees. As such, you are potentially taking a huge gamble if you don’t get the work done by suitably qualified experts.

In order to mitigate such risks you should seek the services of a company specialising in domestic and commercial knotweed removal to ensure full and guaranteed removal and, most importantly, to avoid legal action from future occupiers and potentially affected neighbours.

The cost of Japanese knotweed removal varies depending upon the area of land affected and on the intended use of the land. For the vast majority of cases, a simple herbicide programme will solve the problem. However, if the affected land needs to be excavated in the future (e.g. in order to develop it) then an excavation solution will likely be required. This could include a range of knotweed treatments from full excavation and disposal of the arisings, to partial excavation and use of appropriate root barrier membranes. A rough outline of costs is provided in the table below.

If you are worried that you might be affected by Japanese knotweed, then send us a picture. We provide a FREE Japanese knotweed identification service. Simply send us your picture and generally within one business day we will determine whether or not it shows Japanese knotweed.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us now to rid yourself of Japanese knotweed or call our friendly, professional team on 0808 169 9540.

Knotweed Removal Pricing Table

Size of infestationSmall (<50m2)Medium (50m2-100m2)Large (100m2-500m2)Very large (500m2-1,000m2)
Herbicide treatment£2,000- £3,000£3,000-£5,000£4,000-£6,500£5,000-£10,000
Reduced dig and root barriers£2,000-£5000£5,000-£10,000£15,000-£40,000>£40,000
Pick and sort / screening£2,000-£5,000£5,000-£10,000£15,000-£40,000>£40,000
Onsite relocation and herbicide (treatment bund / lay down area)£5,000-£10,000£8,000-£15,000£12,500-£20,000£18,000-£30,000
Burial on site£5,000-£15,000£12,500-£20,000£18,500-£35,000£30,000-£75,000
Full excavation and disposal (dig and dump)£5,000-£20,000£15,000-£40,000£35,000-£120,000£100,000-£200,000