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Indoor air quality monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

We are expert indoor air quality consultants providing indoor air quality assessment, management and monitoring services across Sussex, London, Surrey and Kent. Get in touch for your FREE consultation with our indoor air quality specialists.

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Airsset Phlorum control panelWhat makes indoor air quality unhealthy?

We spend a lot of time indoors, at work and at home. In addition to the numerous pollutants from outside sources like traffic and industry, indoor air quality is affected by a host of other sources such as solvents from paints, furnishings, decoration and cleaning products.

Toxic emissions can also prevail through aerosols, particles and gases from heating and cooking. People and pets also shed all manner of allergens, dusts and chemicals, as well as creating ‘stuffiness’ from the carbon dioxide they expel from breathing.

What are the risks of poor indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality monitoring

Coupled with the often-poor ventilation in many homes and offices, it’s no wonder that poor indoor air quality is proven to significantly and adversely affect health, productivity and well being.

Ineffective ventilation or filtration can also cause disease and illnesses to spread from elevated viral and bacterial loads in indoor air. It is for this reason that increasing indoor ventilation was a key mitigation measure pushed by governments during the covid-19 pandemic.

When are Indoor Air Quality Assessments Required?

Despite the effects of poor indoor air quality being well documented, indoor air quality monitoring and assessments are typically only actioned when there’s a problem – e.g. complaints from staff of headaches, stuffiness or irritation to the eyes and nose.

Most employers, therefore, have no real idea of how their indoor working environment is affecting their staff. This is a huge, missed opportunity, as the solutions to poor indoor air quality that monitoring can reveal can sometimes be pretty straightforward. Such solutions might simply be to increase ventilation, and this might be achieved as easily as opening windows, installing trickle vents, or making minor adjustments to air handling and filtration units.

Our Indoor Air Quality Management & Monitoring Services

Our indoor air quality consultants routinely provide bespoke indoor air quality assessments and advise on the implementation of effective indoor air quality management solutions.

The work we undertake can comply with the requirements of BS40102, MCERTS, BREEAM, WEL, LEED, RESET and other environmental management systems, standards and methodologies for assessing air quality in buildings.

We have also established a partnership with Canadian firm Airsset to provide equipment, telemetry, immediate threshold alerts, regular reporting and bespoke ventilation solutions services. You can read more about this here.

We also undertake occupational exposure monitoring for industrial processes where workers are exposed to a range of toxic and/or potentially harmful dusts, aerosols, gasses and ionising radiation. You can read more about this on our air quality monitoring page.

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If you want to know more about your indoor air quality and the myriad benefits to productivity and wellbeing you could benefit from, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to discuss how we can help with your indoor air quality assessment requirements.

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