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The Articles below have been written by Phlorum

RICS Property Journal – An article by Phlorum’s Dr Paul Beckett on Invasive Non Native Species (INNS).

UK Woodlands – How to Control Japanese Knotweed. This video for UK Woodlands describes some of the innovative research Phlorum is engaged in to seek novel solutions to Japanese knotweed infestations.

BBC South East – Cooking with knotweed. This is a clip from BBC South East Today showing some interesting recipes for creating delicious Japanese knotweed dishes.

Construction Today – There is an increasing demand to monitor and assess the dangers of airborne pollutants, and an increasing need for mitigation measures for new developments.

UK Construction – How does Kyoto affect businesses in the construction sector and how can companies cut emissions to meet the Kyoto Protocol?

Horticulture Week – Dr Paul Beckett advises that huge excavations and disposal to landfill are not always the best strategy to tackle Japanese knotweed. Instead, early detection and herbicide use can be quicker and much cheaper.

Estates Review – An area roughly the size of London is now under threat from Japanese knotweed in the UK, posing huge risks for development.

News on the Block – Dr Paul Beckett examines the future of sustainability in the redevelopment and housing sector.

British Builder and Developer: March 2007 – Dr Paul Beckett advises not to let Japanese knotweed uproot your development.

British Builder and Developer: April 2007 – Dr Paul Beckett examines the environmental legislation that affects businesses in the construction sector and how they might have to change in the future.

Tales from the Country – Dr Paul Beckett talks about Japanese knotweed eradication with Selina Scott. Also includes information on biocontrol of Japanese knotweed. Programme is Tales from the Country, by Kingfisher Productions.

The Environmentalist – Japanese knotweed is one of the biggest threats to commercial and domestic developments in the UK.

Sustainable Solutions – Dr Paul Beckett looks at government planning policy on flooding and how companies can protect themselves against it.

Sustain Built Environment Matters – Japanese knotweed is being recognised increasingly by those in the building industry as a serious pain.

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