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Case Study


Client: Biogenie

Project: Teddington Gasworks

Services: Air quality & noise and vibration assessment

The Challenge: Our client was remediating an old gasworks to enable redevelopment. The site is located fairly close to a residential street; therefore, there was the potential to cause air quality, noise and vibration issues.

Our Solution: Our client employed Phlorum to monitor the air quality on site and report any possible air quality issues. Dust deposit gauges were installed around the site. Levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were monitored.

Particular attention was paid to measurement of odorous compounds. Phlorum provided weekly monitoring reports to enable our clients to link site activities to possible air quality and odour issues.

This allowed effective remedial action to be taken when necessary. Noise and vibration monitoring was also undertaken by our air quality consultants. This was to ensure that nuisance to local residents and potential damage to local properties from site activities were prevented.

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