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Case Study

Case Studies – Con-Form

Client: Con-Form

Project: Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland

Services: Japanese knotweed eradication: – excavation, and burial on site.

The Challenge: The Glenrothes site was open grassland, with some trees, that contained a large area of Japanese knotweed. The site was to be developed as a retail unit for ASDA. Phlorum was asked to provide a cost effective solution to eradicate the Japanese knotweed problem.

Our Solution: The development included large areas of car parking space. To eliminate the potential cost of the off-site disposal of Japanese knotweed waste Phlorum recommended on-site burial, and a post-works monitoring programme to control potential regrowth from residual root (rhizome).

Phlorum dealt with the Japanese knotweed by initially marking out knotweed zones, as a control to prevent cross-contamination. The knotweed in each zone was then excavated and stockpiled within a singular knotweed zone.

While Phlorum was excavating the knotweed material the client was undertaking the excavation of the burial pit. Phlorum staff supervised the excavation and membrane lining of the pit. Knotweed material was then placed within the pit and was fully encapsulated.


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