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Case Study

Case Studies – Ellmer Construction

Client: Ellmer Construction

Project: Surrey Street, Croydon, South London

Services: Japanese knotweed eradication: – reduced excavation & membrane.

The Challenge: The site was an area in the centre of Croydon to be regenerated as part of a wider cultural regeneration scheme. The old buildings were being renovated for housing. The knotweed growth was located within a tight space on the site, by an old church, a groundwater pumping station and walls.

Our Solution: To reduce the cost of off-site disposal a plan to undertake a reduced excavation and membrane installation was prepared.

Phlorum staff supervised the knotweed excavation to ensure the smallest volume of material as possible was removed off-site to reduce costs. Root barrier membranes were installed and potential regrowth was controlled through implementation of an herbicide monitoring programme.

The Environment Agency was informed of the knotweed works. Issues were identified with regard to the groundwater pumping station, which were adhered to. Care was taken to ensure the church, pumping station, walls, overhead electric lines, and underground services were not damaged during the works.

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