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Case Study

Case Studies – Lidl

Client: Lidl UK

Project: Blandford Road, Poole

Services: Japanese knotweed removal: – reduced excavation and installation of a root membrane.

The Challenge: We were asked to eradicate the Japanese knotweed on a derelict site, in readiness for a supermarket development. The client wanted a solution that was quick and cost effective.

There were several substantial areas of knotweed in different locations on site, totalling approximately 530m2 of aboveground growth. There was not enough space on site for cost effective burial of the knotweed, or enough time for herbicide treatment. It was therefore necessary to send the knotweed material to landfill.

Our Solution: We were able to reduce the cost of offsite disposal by carrying out a reduced excavation of the knotweed in areas designated for car parking spaces.

A membrane was then installed to suppress the knotweed. Horizontal membrane was also used in areas where off-site knotweed was present in order to prevent re-infestation. Only one area needed full excavation. Phlorum staff limited the amount of material requiring removal by carefully following the rhizome system to ensure only material containing knotweed was removed.

The area is now part of a monitored programme to ensure no re-growth occurs.

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