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Odour Abatement Monitoring for Sirius Products

Published on by Dr Paul Beckett

Monitoring cooking odours at Sirius' test kitchen

Monitoring cooking odours at Sirius' test kitchen

Phlorum is currently providing odour assessment and monitoring services for a company that specialises in sustainable odour abatement and ventilation plant for restaurants.
Sirius Products has recognised that the majority of abatement plant currently specified for and installed in commercial kitchens is often based on scaled-down versions of industrial technologies that are inappropriate for treating cooking odours from restaurants.
Sirius has identified scope for developing existing technologies and introducing new ideas that focus on the specifics of restaurant odours and their potential to cause nuisance. They have been very successful in doing this, having developed a novel grease baffle filter and electrostatic precipitators designed to specifically treat oil mists from frying food.
With key clients including Jamie Oliver and Nando’s, Sirius is proving the success of its highly focused approach to odour abatement.
Phlorum has been appointed by Sirius to monitor and characterise the chemical signatures of odours from different cooking styles. This will go on to help Sirius develop further innovations to abate odours from different types of particularly odorous cooking. Scientific support on organic chemistry is being provided through a partnership with the University of Sussex.

About the author: Dr Paul Beckett

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Dr Paul Beckett is one of the UK’s leading experts in Japanese knotweed and is a member of the Expert Witness Institute. He regularly provides Japanese knotweed expert witness services. He helped produce the RICS knotweed guidance for surveyors and was integral in the formation of the Property Care Association (PCA) Invasive Weed Control Group (IWCG).

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