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Climate Change Likely to be Catastrophic

Published on by Phlorum

Human influenced climate change is clear and has dominated global warming effects since the mid-20th century, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
This might not be news to the enlightened, but following recent severe weather effects in the UK and USA, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for skeptics to deny the link between human activity and climate change.
The latest research, published in Nature, indicates that model projections should be amended upwards, suggesting that we are heading for average global temperature increases of around 4 degrees Celsius.
Such global warming effects are likely to cause massive additional mortality rates due to direct heat effects and the potentially more widespread impacts of drought, disease, reduced food production, forest fires and other knock-on effects.
More information on the potential global effects of a 4 degrees rise in average temperatures is available on the UK Met Office interactive map here.

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