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Energy Supply Environmental Assessment

Energy projects include raw fuel extraction, processing and the development of infrastructure associated with the following main energy supply sources:

  • oil and gas;
  • nuclear;
  • coal;
  • biomass;
  • wind farm (onshore and offshore);
  • solar; and
  • hydro electric (including tidal and wave sources).

As with any development or industrial process, energy projects have the potential to cause a range of environmental impacts and these need to be assessed in order to gauge their significance and to take action to minimise their effects.

In addition to the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment process and Environmental Permitting, large energy projects are usually also subject to determination by a higher level of strategic body. In the UK this includes the National Infrastructure Directorate of the Planning Inspectorate, which examines proposed energy projects that are of national significance.

As energy projects are usually large, their environmental impacts can be highly significant and these need to be balanced with the support they provide to a country’s economy and vital public services.

At Phlorum we have project experience of the following.

Air quality and Ionising Radiation

  • Environmental assessments of biomass power stations.
  • Assessment of environmental impacts from fracking and deep well gas extraction operations in the Middle East.
  • Off-shore benzene and monitoring of ionising radiation from TENORM/NORM on numerous oil and gas rigs in Africa. Phlorum has staff that are qualified Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS).
  • Project management of air quality impact assessments for development associated with the construction of a large UK nuclear power station.

Environmental Management

  • Review of environmental impact assessments of wind farms in Scotland. Management of environment impact assessments and permit applications for biomass and gas-fired power stations.
  • Installation of environmental management systems at oil and gas companies managing pipelines and large scale fuel tank farms in the UK.

Ecological and Invasive plants

  • Completion of various environmental surveys at numerous electrical substations, proposed pipelines and proposed power stations.
  • Invasive plant surveys of substations and other energy infrastructure facilities for UK National Grid, plus the management of invasive plant control programs.