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Japanese Knotweed Services

We are an award-winning firm of environmental consultants and contractors providing expert Japanese knotweed removal and control services to homes, businesses and construction projects across the UK. We deal with all manner of knotweed issues from identification through to complete, guaranteed, removal and control.

We are regularly appointed as expert witnesses in legal cases where Japanese knotweed affects property and/or causes a nuisance or damage.

We provide a range of Japanese knotweed removal services, depending on your particular circumstances, which are tailored to your specific needs, depending on time, budget and the risk caused by the infestation.

The following sections outline our flexible work packages and services.

Domestic Knotweed Survey & Control

For domestic properties, particularly those requiring a knotweed survey and/or treatment strategy in order to secure a mortgage, Phlorum is your solution. We have a dedicated service package that has been developed with input from lenders (via the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Building Societies Association) to specifically address the problem of knotweed affecting property value.

One-stop Knotweed Removal

A complete remediation treatment package – we will act as consultant and contractor to design and carry out your bespoke Japanese knotweed removal works from start to finish.

Using Retained Ground Workers

This is a “bolt-on” service, where we will send out experienced professionals to oversee, instruct and supervise the knotweed removal works. Our managers slot in with existing project team members and contractors, utilising existing on-site staff.

Legal Support

We are experienced expert witnesses, and have been appointed to numerous cases by the courts and counsel for both defendants and claimants. Principally, this has been part of litigation actions, where knotweed issues have resulted in claims for damages. However, we have also provided expert witness services at Public Inquiries and at the Lands Tribunal.

Training & Seminars

We have provided a wide variety of specialists with Japanese knotweed training, including remediation engineers, ecologists, environmental consultants, surveyors and solicitors. We have provided numerous Continuing Professional Development seminars for organisations such as Lloyds Banking Group, Countrywide, the Property Care Association and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

For more information on our Japanese knotweed services, give us a call on 01273 307 167 or fill out our contact form to request a call back.

Free Japanese Knotweed Assessment

Send us a picture if you think you may have Japanese Knotweed and we will identify it for you free of charge.

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Phlorum’s Japanese Knotweed Credentials

Phlorum was founded in 2003 on the strength of our experience in removing knotweed from large development projects and remediation sites. From our inception we have been developing our control methods to provide a range of eradication treatments in order to treat and/or remove hundreds and thousands of tonnes of knotweed from difficult sites.

We are founding members of the Property Care Association Invasive Weed Control Group and the working group that produced guidance for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors on surveying Japanese knotweed and assessing its risk to residential property. This enables us to provide the necessary site works to allow lenders to offer mortgages on knotweed-affected properties.

We have also remediated thousands of tonnes of knotweed-contaminated soils from development sites across the UK, with the full involvement of regulators, where appropriate. We are also expanding our services into Europe.

Phlorum staff are regularly appointed as expert witnesses in legal cases involving Japanese knotweed, particularly where its presence blights the value of land and property. This has included input to court proceedings and attendance at the Lands Tribunal.

We have also appeared on numerous national TV and radio programmes to provide insight on knotweed problems. Furthermore, we are actively engaged in research with various UK universities and have published our findings in scientific papers, trade journals and national press articles.

If you are interested to find out more about our Japanese knotweed treatment methods, read more here, or if you need help in identifying Japanese knotweed click here for some photographs and descriptions of what to look out for.