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Kids the key?

Published on by Phlorum

The Guardian published an article online yesterday by Bjorn Lomborg. Entitled ‘Scared silly over climate change’, Lomborg suggests that we are doing more harm than good by frightening our children when talking about climate change, that it causes ‘unneccesary alarm and anxiety’. Each new report states that the future is getting bleaker, and for this children are scared.
I take a different view. An 11 year old child that is worried that the world is going to end can be a persuasive animal, now and in the future. It is these kids that will lead by example. Nag enough and they will persuade their parents to use their car less, shower instead of bath, put a jumper on, eat less meat and recycle. Multiply this by a million, and we may see a very real strategy for averting climate change.
Our children will not lose the habits instilled within them, and come adulthood, they will have a more powerful voice. They can lobby for political and institutional change. They will insist on working for the most ethical companies, leading to change in business structure. They will refuse to drive, buy local produce and live in sustainable houses.
And then, in middle age, they will be running the country. A country with reduced carbon emissions, renewable energy, less congestion, cleaner air, improved health and a better quality of life. And this because they were told at ten that polar bears were dying. Sometimes the ends justify the means.

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