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Lifecycle Carbon Footprinting Model at Ecobuild

Published on by Phlorum

Phlorum won a competition to display their Life-Cycle Carbon Footprinting model in the Innovation Future Zone at Ecobuild last month.
The project was deemed one of 20 innovations most likely to have a large impact on the environmental future of the construction industry, chosen from those who applied for the position to CIRIA. Anthony stood by the model for three long days explaining the rationale behind the method, and the potential of the model in reducing embodied carbon emissions. Such emissions will account for 100% of total emissions associated with a dwelling come 2016, when all new-build homes are expected to be zero-carbon. Through testing of scenarios, it was found that a dwelling built with environmentally friendly yet common materials (such as sustainably sourced timber) could attain a ‘zero-carbon footprint’ after 50 years with the aid of renewable technologies such as a biomass boiler and photovoltaic panels.
The event was a success, with many representatives of organisations displaying their interest in the final product, which is expected to be launched at the end of 2010. The video shows Anthony discussing the functionality of the model with an interested party.

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