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1 in 5 not interested in climate change

Published on by Phlorum

Research published to mark the start of the Climate Awards this week suggests that 1 out of every 5 Britons are not interested in climate change, as they believe others ‘are not doing their bit.’
This prompted Lord Anthony Giddens, a climate change campaigner, to speak out and suggest that we need to influence each other to change behaviour, and lead by example.
While the benefits of influencing by doing cannot be denied, I would suggest that the figures do not make such uncomfortable reading. The fact is that although proof of our changing climate has been well-documented, and extreme weather conditions observed, there are still outspoken deniers who suggest that the science is littered with fraud, and incidents of floods, hurricanes and tornadoes have always been with us.
Changing behaviour is always difficult, especially when so many have been enjoying the relative comfort of our cheap fuel and consumer society, where driving, heating, lighting, holidays abroad and exotic foods have been the norm rather than a luxury. To have 4 out of 5 people willing to take action to reduce these luxuries to combat something which is, it can be argued, easy to ignore if need be, seems to me a remarkable achievement and should be promoted as a blow to the deniers.
Climate change campaigners should be cheered by the news. People are sitting up and taking notice. Lord Giddens is right to promote the ‘influence of influence’, but it seems like the ball is rolling and quite soon it will be the voice of the public that will drown out the deniers – we will all be a campaigner.

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