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Flood Risk Assessment

An estimated 1.8 million residences and 140,000 commercial properties (assets worth £250 billion) are at risk of flooding in the UK. In light of this and the increasing severity and frequency of floods in the UK, conducting a thorough flood risk assessment is critical for home buyers, property investors and developers.

Phlorum’s flood risk assessments (FRA) are produced using the latest available topographical and rainfall data. The flood model we use to generate our assessments has been validated against recent UK floods and is extremely precise. It is used by a number of international insurance companies to help manage their exposure to flood risk.

Each flood risk assessment is tailored for the client and the purpose of the assessment. However, a typical flood risk assessment report would include:

  • an assessment of the likelihood and extent of potential flooding on site and in the surrounds
  • any history of flooding on the site
  • existing flood alleviation measures and recommendations for measures which could reduce the flood risk, including advice on surface water management and sustainable drainage system (SuDS)

Phlorum is also able to provide river and stream modelling to assist with flood management, and the design of flood alleviation schemes.

Our flood risk assessments meet the requirements and recommendations of England’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the Scottish Planning Policy (SPPs), and the Wales Technical Advice Note 15 (TAN 15).


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